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The certification of the European languages, in compliance with the principles established by the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, and the European Council of Ministers, is part of the European Language Portfolio Programme and aims to enhance the skills of citizens, fostering communication, mobility, and intercultural relations. In particular, language certification provides documentary evidence of proficiency, according to the competence levels specified by the Common Framework of Reference for European languages.

In view of the certification of knowledge of Italian as a foreign language, the Quality Certification of the Italian Language – CLIQ Association, was created, bringing together the four certification bodies: the Dante Alighieri Society, the University for Foreigners of Perugia, the University for Foreigners of Siena, and Roma Tre University.

The objective of the association is to promote a culture of L2 assessment-based certification for Italian and ensure a quality certification system for language skills, in line with the scientific standards set by the Council of Europe in the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”.

Below you can download the correlation table of certificates issued by the certification bodies of the CLIQ Association with their corresponding level in the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” of the Council of Europe.

Certification Table

It is possible to take the tests to attain CLIQ certificates of proficiency at the different institutions abroad indicated below.