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The Twentieth Century Tells the Twentieth Century: 10 appointments with Giorgio Van Straten


With the video "Il Novecento racconta il Novecento" (The Twentieth Century Tells the Twentieth Century) published on the “Voce di New York”, the Florentine writer Giorgio Van Straten, director of the Italian Institute of Culture of the Great Apple, guides readers through a journey into Italian literature of the last century. The first of the ten Italian works to be considered is Giuseppe Ungaretti's "Allegria". "We are confident that this video programme will become an expected bi-monthly appointment for passionate readers of the Voce as well as for many Italian teachers and students and lovers of Italian culture around the world" reads the introductory section of the programme. "Who can tell the Twentieth Century better than the authors who lived and wrote it? It will not be the Twentieth century of historians; rich in dates, details, signatures, and treatises, but the Twentieth century of stories and emotions, and of intellectuals, poetry, and novels. The one intended to remain forever among the pages and in memory."