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The new edition of the Italian Language Olympics has been launched


This year, the 8th Italian Language Olympics takes place once again - the now traditional competition - organised by the Ministry of Education - the General Directorate for the Education System and Evaluation. Four categories are envisaged: Junior, Senior, Junior-E (foreign) and Senior-E (foreign). New this year is the return of the national final in Florence (Tuesday, March 27, 2018), as part of a broader cultural initiative to bring appreciation to the Italian language and literature titled "Days of the Italian language", March 26 - 28. It is available to 84 male and female students who have passed the various selection stages, from the institution to the provincial and regional level, in Italy and abroad. This year the competition is promoted with the collaboration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Regional Education Department, the Accademia della Crusca, the Association for the History of Italian Language (ASLI), of the Italian Association (ADI), and the Campiello Giovani Award. The competition targets male and female secondary school students. As in previous editions, it targets both to students from Italian public and private schools abroad, and to those attending Italian courses in foreign and international schools, including Italian classes in European Schools. The enrollment in schools abroad is open until February 21, 2018 (January 23 refers to schools only operating in Italy) on the website For schools abroad, the selection of finalists will take place in a single phase on February 27th, 2018.