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Cairo ICI: web initiatives in the name of the Italian language


To facilitate students and friends of Italian culture who are currently at home, the Cairo ICI launched a series of educational and artistic initiatives that can be followed from your home. Through its social channels the @iiccairofficial has launched the new series of videos called “Appunti e spunti di lingua e cultura italiana” by the Director of the Institute, Davide Scalmani. In short videos, the ICI Director introduces different aspects of Italian culture that have close links with current events. In the first episode, the Director Scalmani presented the Strega Prize, the most important Italian literary prize, while in the second episode, speaking of Italian design, he explained why Italy has the leadership of the sector. In addition to this series of videos, the Institute is launching for the next days of Ramadan a second series dedicated to Italian students: "Parla come mangi (Speak as you eat)", created by teachers of the ICI itself and which investigates the different expressions of spoken Italian, often similar to the Egyptian ones, as well as gestures and ways of living.